We are passionate about running and about the places we run, and by Running Wild with us, you will take a little bit of Africa home with you.

Every one of our experience’s are geared to provide the highest level of enjoyment possible, and our team will be with you every step of the way. With each run, one of our lead runners will guide you through the entire adventure where we try and split the teams into groups of 5 and equal abilities. This ensures you run at your level, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Over the multi day experiences we provide full logistical support, with accommodation ranging from tented camps to 5-star Safari Lodges. The team will transport your kit to each stop over point and be present to provide you with excellent African cuisine to prepare you for the running ahead.

We will encourage you to get stuck into the running but also emphasize the nature gazing aspect during the runs, however the social aspect cannot be forgotten. We get together in the evenings to share the day’s challenges and triumphs and members of the team will entertain you with stories of many African experiences, that will leave you in wonder.