Mountain trails: – These trails are technical and will have steep inclines and declines (Elevation gain, 500-2500m)

Lowveld trails: – These trails will generally have very little elevation gain and are not technical at all. These runs will generally occur in wildlife areas (Elevation gain, 60-200m)

Seaside trails: – This is a combination of beach and forest running. Although the elevation gain is sometimes small, running on beach sand for extended periods can be tough. There are often river crossings on these trails.


Grading is a combination of the route difficulty and the runner’s ability. Whilst we have tried to assess the difficulty of the route as best as possible you will need to use your own discretion to apply your ability. We may not get it 100% right but at least it is an indication of what you will be in for.

Grading explained

Each route is assigned a letter from A-F according to the tough-o-meter below. We then have a look at the ability that is required, in the run-o-meter, and assign a number from 1-5 according to how fit and capable we think you will need to be.


  1. An easy morning run in the Lowveld that has a distance of between 5-10km with a total accumulative ascent is 80m. We would assign this an A1. This means that it is a really easy run and entry level ability is required to run it. For runners with ability of 1 or more. This is for you

  2. A mountain run over 2 days that has accumulative km’s of 43km and ascent of 2400m. The route has some serious ascents and descents with some quite technical sections. We would then assign this a D3. This means that it is a challenging route and your running ability would need to be at a level 3 and above. For runners with ability of 2 and below this would not be recommended


A: Happy – Really flat trails at low levels of elevation and hardly any cumulative ascent. (up to around 200m).

B: Easy – Easy undulating trails at low levels of elevation and relatively small amounts of cumulative ascent (up to around 1000m).

C: Moderate – Some steeper sections on trails. Good fitness is required and total cumulative ascent may reach 2000m.

D: Challenging – Many steep sections with long climbs up hill. Expect long days out of up to 10hrs and cumulative ascent of around 3000m ascent.

E: Tough – Steep mountain trails with passes and anything over from 3000m cumulative ascent. You need to be in top physical and mental condition and be prepared for long days.



1: Happy: Run 5-10km without stopping

2: Jogger: 7.5-9 min/km on trails / 35-40min 5km / 1.30 hr 10km / 2.5hr road half marathon

3: Strider: 6-7.5 min/km on trails / 30min 5km / 1-1.15 hr 10km / 2 – 2.5hr road half marathon / 4-4.5 hr road marathon

4: Runner: 5-6 min/km on trails / 2 – 2.5hr road half marathon / 3.5hr road marathon

5: Freak: <5 min/km on trails / <3hr road marathon